Information for travelers from Ukraine seeking refuge in neighboring countries

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This page includes general information from various sources that may be useful to Ukrainians seeking to leave Ukraine as a consequence of the current conflict.



Austria has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions for travelers fleeing the armed conflict in Ukraine.

FAQ on the war in Ukraine



The government of Canada has released this webpage for further details on support for Ukrainians and people residing in Ukraine, and to make it easier and faster for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their accompanying immediate family members to return to Canada.


Czech Republic

The Czech authorities have suspended most COVID-19 related measures for travelers escaping the armed invasion of Ukraine. More details can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic website.



Balázs Orbán, political director of Hungary's PM Viktor Orbán confirmed on Twitter that Ukrainians may enter Hungary and will find a "friendly place". Most refugees are crossing the border from Ukraine to Hungary at Beregsurány.



The Directorate of Immigration from Iceland has released information for Ukrainian citizens and residents who seek asylum in the country.

Ukrainian citizens with a biometric passport have the right to enter Iceland without a Visa.



The Minister for Justice of Ireland, Helen McEntee has announced the lifting of visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland as an emergency measure to facilitate the free movement of Ukrainian nationals during the crisis. 



Israel has waived the COVID-19 test requirement for travelers who arrive from Ukraine directly, or through a third country. 



The Italian Ministry of Health published a set of sanitary procedures to assist travelers fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. This includes access to treatment, COVID-19 vaccinations, Green certification and assistance to pets.
The Italian government also allows refugees to enter the country for 90 days without a visa, as long as they present a biometric passport. It has released the Benvenuto in Italia leaflet, with useful instructions for entry into Italy, and the #OffroAiuto platform, dedicated to collecting donations.



The government of Latvia will provide Ukrainian citizens, who are leaving Ukraine due to the military conflict, with accommodations, food and other necessary help. Please see the source for more details.



The government of Lithuania has created a hotline to assist Ukrainian nationals with resources available every day from 07:30 until 21:00 - please see the link below. The Lithuanian government has also created a resource web page for Ukrainian nationals and their families to provide additional information on support with immigration services.



The government of Moldova created an information page of Moldova with contact details for foreign citizens seeking asylum in Moldova.

Travelers can find a 24/7 phone number for more information on how to request asylum. It is also possible to apply for asylum in written or verbal forms (in person) to any officer.

More details can be found from Moldova's President Maia Sandu on Twitter.



The government of Poland created a Help for Ukrainian citizens webpage, with instructions for Ukrainians who are looking for assistance crossing the border between the two countries in the northwestern part of Ukraine.

The page contains general instructions to Ukrainians arriving in Poland and QR codes with details on reception points.



The Portuguese government has released a special page to support refugees coming from Ukraine. It is possible to find specific information and steps to apply for Temporary Protection as well as request assistance with transportation and documents. 

The page also includes an initiative to recruit and offer training to refugees to assist with their social and professional integration.



Romania has been preparing to receive displaced Ukrainians since early February with the installation of temporary mobile camps, according to Interior Minister Lucian Bode. The country has been accepting a high number of Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum. 



The government of Slovakia has provided information about assistance for Ukrainians seeking asylum in media statements and on social media. Slovak Police Forces are monitoring the situation at the border with Ukraine and offering asylum to fleeing Ukrainians. The Slovak government offers asylum to both vaccinated and unvaccinated refugees with no need for self-isolation but requires unvaccinated travelers to leave the country within 72 hours from arrival.



The Swedish Migration Agency has released this webpage with information about the situation in Ukraine and what applies to people who are coming to Sweden in connection with the conflict.

Ukrainian citizens who do not have a biometric passport have the right to enter and stay in Sweden for 90 days with a Schengen visa. Those who need to stay for longer than 90 days in Sweden may apply for a visitor’s permit.

EU Member States have decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive to Ukrainian citizens, residents and family members. This means that refugees who have left Ukraine after the Russian invasion can get immediate protection and a temporary residence permit. To be covered by the directive, you must have left the country on 24 February 2022 or later.


United Kingdom

The government of the United Kingdom has released this webpage for further details on support for family members of British nationals in Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and the UK.


General Information from European Union

The European Union provides this webpage with key and updated information about refugees' rights with regard to crossing the border into an EU country, eligibility for temporary protection and applying for international protection, as well as the rights of travel inside the European Union. The page also includes useful information on free transportation for travelers fleeing Ukraine.

All EU countries bordering Ukraine are allowing entry to all people fleeing war in Ukraine on humanitarian grounds regardless of whether or not you have a biometric passport.

Additionally, there is information on free travel options offered by European transport companies.







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