What’s the best way to upload an image of my passport biodata page?

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Some eVisa applications require a photo of your passport's biographical data page. Follow these key guidelines to ensure your passport image is accepted:

  • Include the entire page: All the text and images on your passport biodata page must be visible. Include all four corners, including the country name at the top and the machine-readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom. Don't cover any parts up or crop any parts out.

  • Avoid glare and poor lighting: Find a location with good lighting and turn off your camera flash to prevent glare. We recommend using a scanner whenever possible.

  • Ensure your photo is clear: Check the photo to ensure it’s not blurry, grainy or low resolution.


If your passport image is poor-quality, your eVisa may be denied or the approval process delayed.

Travelers often leave out the machine-readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom, which looks like random data. But in many ways, it's the most important part of your passport, as it contains all your basic information as a traveler.

Following these tips will help you get to your destination every time. Of course, if you still need any assistance uploading your passport biodata page, feel free to contact our support team.




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