What's going on with my eVisa application?

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We review applications before submitting them to the relevant government. This helps ensure that applications are approved on the first try and that there are no mistakes that might cause issues while traveling.


Due to worldwide travel restrictions, we may hold on to your application for a period of time before submitting it to the government. We always take your travel date into account in order to ensure that you will receive your documents well before traveling.

You'll receive the confirmation email as soon as you submit your application with us, and a second when the government processes your application.


If you never received a confirmation email or if the indicated time period has passed, please click here to create a ticket and we would be happy to help you out.

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    I need to know the status, if you are not able to, please refund the fee and I can either apply in Washington or at the airport when I get to Zimbabwe.
    Thanks for your cooperation.


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