Why haven't I received my eVisa/eTA?

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Some countries only accept visa submissions a few months in advance. Sherpa still accepts submissions outside this window and takes care of ensuring that everything is submitted at the right time.

Due to world-wide travel restrictions, your application may be submitted closer to your travel date.

If you received an email stating that your application couldn't be submitted yet, take a look at the below table to see when you can expect a submission confirmation.

CountryProcessing Window
Cambodia90 days before arrival 
90 days before arrival 
India 120 days before arrival
90 days before arrival 
Laos60 days before arrival
Mexico30 days before arrival 
90 days before arrival 
Oman30 days before arrival 
Sri Lanka 90 days before arrival 
Turkey 90 days before arrival

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    why havent I received my visa


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