I have a draft eVisa application on the Egypt portal. How do I delete it?

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When a draft application has been created on the Egypt eVisa portal, any new application with the same passport information will not be able to be submitted. This is due to the portal keeping draft applications for 7 days or until they are paid for.

The draft cannot be requested to be deleted, but if payment is not made after 7 days, the application will be deleted from their system, and a new one can then be submitted. 

Alternatively, if the passport data in the draft is changed to no longer match your passport, we can proceed with submitting a new application.

To do this, please log into the account used to create your draft application on the Egypt eVisa website. From there, click on 'edit' beside the application and then 'next.' The application information will appear blank, but if you scroll down to the 'Applicants' section, you should see your name. Select 'view,' and this will open your previously saved data.

Change your passport number to 0000000, and you may also need to change the Nationality of your passport to a different country. Please remember to save the changes in the application, and once saved, we should be able to proceed with the application you submitted with sherpa°.

Please see the step-by-step video below for assistance.



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